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Action 2017

2017 is the year the association was founded. The action plan for 2017 is the following:

  • Gather 3 or 4 European Medium-sized companies, 3 or 4 French Small or Medium-sized companies, 2 schools, 50 individual members, et representatives of the “Makers” companies in order to:

    • Structure the Board of Directors,

    • Enable a self-financing of investments

    • Speed up the development in 2018

  • Create 3 thematic or geographical clusters

  • Make the association known from other institutions, associations and companies engaged in the Industry of the Future and the Industry 4.0.

  • Initiate support activities towards digitalization either for Small or Medium-sized companies or individual in professional retraining.

#1 Development of the Association in 2017

#2 Community Platform

The goal for 2017 is to develop the association website into a community platform enabling the autonomy of members by creating thematic and geographical clusters.

#3 Numbering & Content


This is one of the priority actions for the association.

The structure of the identification code for each parts and assemblies of a 3D model needs to be defined. It will be called “Smart Identification Code” in its version 1.00. The SIC is meant to replace the private numbering of design office and departments for parts and assemblies in order to simplify the development of the digital continuity.

The objective is to link a SIC 1.00 with a supplier and its EAN identification codes. This will be done temporarily, meanwhile the suppliers commercial reference is failing.


The association’s goal is to provide instantaneously a service to its contributing members. The objective is to gather the addressed and certified STEP files of 300 parts and assemblies in 2017.