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To happen, the Industry of the Future must be collaborative.


Before being able to use the full potential of new technologies (big data, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, connected plant), we need the knowledge of the world that surrounds us.


In 2017, it is still very difficult and very expensive to easily get this information, especially in industries opened to the general public (consumer goods, buildings, furnishing).


The unexpected idea of ERISTALIS is to provide in an Open data (keeping in mind intellectual property) the digital twin of each part of a furniture or assembly of the world that surrounds us with a unique identification code.


If you are an industrial, a school or university, or even a passionate individual, do not hesitate to join us in order to build today the data and data models, use as the raw material of the coming third industrial revolution.


To predict the future, the best is to invent it!